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The contestants promise to guarantee on the honor, the sincerity and the truthfulness of the information they give. Any imprecision or omission likely to introduce an incorrect judgment will cause the cancellation of the contestant file.

No information given by the contestants to the jury will be able to be disclosed or published without the permission of the interested.

The possible insurance expenses concerning the files passed on are not supported by the ARTAQ organizers.As a consequence, the loss or the worsening of the files won’t be the subject of any repayment and any indemnity from the organizer.

ARTAQ AWARDS reserves the right to broadcast all or a part of the documents passed on by the contestants under every kind of support, in order to make the winners and the nominees known as the group of the other contestant projects. This publications will be realized in the respect of the rights on the artistic property that have been acquitted by the contestants to all the creators and subcontractors whose they’re presenting the works. With his registration to ARTAQ AWARDS, the contestants yield the publication rights of the works presented and all or a part of the iconography without restriction and without condition for the communication of the event on every supports, every use, every media, and every country. The contestants are certifying on the honor to be in order with all the image reproduction rights and all the reproduction rights of texts and images of authors, creators, subcontractors and their client. They’re certifying to be acquitted of any payment to third parties that have participated to the creations presented. In case of contention or protest from beneficiaries or others, the organizer won’t be considered as responsible of any problem of right, reproduction, denomination, origin, copy or  plagiarism, misappropriation of all or a part of an existing work more or less close to the work presented during the competition. Any plagiarism, any creation opposite to the moral or insulting toward a person, an ethnic or religious group will be disqualify without repayment of the admission rights. ARTAQ BOOKZINE is broadcoasted on the supports, in the circuits and places chosen by ARTAQ AWARDS. No protest is possible on those choices and the contestants yield the rights for free for every ARTA BOOOKZINE editions. ARTAQ AWARDS is not responsible of the misappropriation, the fraudulent utilizations, and copies of the works broadcoasted. All the efforts are put in place to avoid typing errors in the works presentation. The contestants accept that no changement, reimpression, indemnity payment, would be possible. The organisator promises to publish the erratums on the contest’s website.

The organization won’t consider:
-     The application forms after the deadline.
-  The application forms incorrect, incomplete or including wrong information or wrong identity indications or wrong address.
-     The unreadable pictures files.
With their participation, the contestants declare accepting the contest rules. The jury deliberations can’t be protested. In case of contention between the contestants and ARTAQ AWARDS, the parties agree on undertaking on a common request of conciliation before any recourse.
ARTAQ AWARDS, organisator society, won’t be responsible in case of a cancellation of its contest for case of force majeure. ARTAQ AWARDS reserves the right to extend, to cut short, to modify or cancel the contest as modify the admission terms and files reception if the circumstances require and this without compensation of any moral or financial damage for the contestants.

ARTAQ AWARDS – 40 rue de la Folie Regnault - 75011 PARIS

Your contact:

Yves Suty
00336 14 18 95 95
Website: www.artaq.eu