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What is the closing date for sending work?
February 3, 2012

How many works can I send?
You may register a minimum of 4 works and a maximum of 8 works per category. ATTENTION: any register with less than 4 works minimum will not be considered.

What are the categories?
There are 10 categories: Roots / Wall painting / Canvas / Drawing / Sculpture / Digital Art / Video / Light Graff / Photo / In Situ – Performances

Can I submit to the contest in several categories?
Yes, you can participate in all the categories.

How many images can we send per work ?
The artist sends only one image (digital image) per work.

What should the resolution of the images be ?
You should send digital images for your selection of work (JPEG). 72 dpi. 1024x1024px maximum.

If we’re presenting several works in different categories, may we submit several times ? ( 1 per category ) ?
Yes, the artist has to submit several times in the case of a participation in different categories. ( 1 per category)

Can we present several works in only one category ?
Yes, the artist may present several works per category with a minimum of 4 works and a maximum of 8.

Who can participate?
All urban art artists.

Is there some examples of works, topics or categories off-board ?
No except the racist and /or libelous works.

How much does the registration to the contest cost? 
It’s free.

How can we change our information if something has changed since the submition ?
Send an email to yves@artaq.eu

Is it possible to subscribe to a mailing list?
Of course. Complete the newsletter form to register.
You will receive all information about the competition.
Add yves@artaq.eu in your address book to be certain that our messages will not be rejected as spam.

How the selections and the judging are carried out?
The jury is made up of art professionals  from several countries.
Three selections are made:
The first selection: by each member of the jury individually in each category.
The second selection: the works selected are judged again individually then by the group to establish a shortlist of nominees.
The third selection : From the shortlist, each jury member selects his preferences by category (most or least liked).
The winners are those who gain the most favorable votes.
To break the tie, a new vote takes place. If the competitors are not decided, the president of the jury selects the winner.

Is there any difference of judging or ratio when you’re presenting one or several works ?
The minimum of works to present is of 4 works and there is no difference of judging among the number of works presented.

Are all the categories judged by the same jury ?

When and where are the results distributed ?
The results will be distributed on the website www.artaq.eu from the 10th of April 2012. If you win a prize, you’ll be advised personally by email.

Which support can we use ?
Your artwork is realized in the hand, on computer, on canvas, on paper, on tissue, on wood… as you want. Thought the artwork’s selection, you send numeric images (jpeg).

If we cannot come to the festival in Angers, can we still participate to the contest ?

If we’ve already participated to the Awards last year, can we participate again ?
Yes and it’s even recommended ! The winners of the 2010 edition can also present again ( with new works or course !)

If I am selected, would I be in the Artaq Bookzine ?
Yes, your work will be presented in the book. Each selected artist will be contacted and will have to confirm :

  1. Name and pseudonym
  2. Send of high resolution images
  3. Technical indications (title, year, technic, price)

How should works be sent? Who is responsible?
If you are among the winners we will let you know. You must send your works at your own expense, correctly packaged. NOTE: Any work that has been badly packaged or damaged to any extent during transportation will be disqualified. Any transportation costs not paid by you at the outset will not be paid. The organizer cannot assume liability for any damage to your works during delivery.

Insurance ?
Artworks are not insured. If a work is damaged by ARTAQ, it will be reimbursed to the cost of the value of materials used.
Paintings, collages and photos: Works must be send in suitable packaging (bubble wrap, box, etc.). Don’t forget to protect your photos carefully (using tissue paper, for example). Note: Photos under glass will not be accepted.
Sculpture: Works should be sent extremely well packaged…but please ensure that you do not send heavy works, which are difficult to mount or handle: Transportation will be too expensive and risk of damage too great, for which we cannot be responsible.
Performances: photos and / or video. Painted walls – do not send the wall!!! Just the photos!!
Advice: For transportation that is as economical as possible, use transporters who have a shuttle service > check the timings with them; sometimes there is a long wait for the shuttle service.

What is a photo ( for the category ) ?
It is a print on paper which is stuck to a hard medium (dibon, diasec or alu). It is not a jpeg.
We will not accept any photos under glass.